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But first and foremost, I am an entrepreneur, just like you are.


A hardworking, smart, determined one like I am sure you are too. So let’s do it by the book: I have a BS in business administration with a major in marketing, an MBA, and certifications that look all very nice on my office wall.


I have ten years of experience as a successful executive in leading corporations and for the past fifteen years I have been a business owner, an entrepreneur in one of the most competitive, cutthroat industries of our fast-paced world: telecommunications and technologies.


But, what I would really like to share goes beyond that: I love my life!!! And I want for you to be able to feel and say the same thing, on your own terms, fully living a magnificent life with those you love the way you want to. Life on your terms, freedom on your terms, deliberate and masterful creation of what you want and dream.


My goal with this book is to stir you up, inspire you, and give you the knowledge and the tools to take immediate deliberate control of how you are creating your life. To help you enjoy the ups and downs of your company and, most importantly, to enjoy your life while you are in the day-to-day grinding.


I would like every person that reads this book to feel inspired and directed to action, actions that are not complex nor hard to take.


Complexity is the enemy of execution. That is why this book is written in a sequence that will allow you understand first with your mind, then with your powerful heart, and will allow you to take action by following my Seven Steps to Grow Your Business, Feel Excited, and Stay Motivated.


Yes, I will say it again in other terms: you will transform your life beyond your wildest dreams if you follow these steps. Hopefully your mind is churning now, hopefully you are having some excitement. And you may have some doubts too, that is perfectly fine at this moment.


I will only ask you to open your mind and just think of the following words every time you find yourself in a skeptic moment: “What if what I just read is really how things are? What if I have been looking at the same thing in a very different way my whole life? Would this new perspective make a difference in my life?


That is a powerful, powerful way to contemplate something new. It opens your mind, it tells your brain “okay, just go with it for the meantime.” By doing this, you will allow yourself to have a different perspective than the one you are now experiencing, what you call your reality.

The most dangerous words a person can say are “I know that.” These three words stop growth, stop expansion, stop interaction, stop new ideas from flowing, stop innovation. Pretty soon these words will make you obsolete in all aspects of your life.

Besides, we don’t really “know something” just because we heard it at a great seminar, we read it in an amazing book, or we learned the concepts at a university. We only really know something when we live it, when we have become it, when it is part of our ingrained beliefs, which in turn have everything to do with how we view the world around us.

Our beliefs are the glasses through which we experience the world – mostly in automatic pilot, until you decide to pause and really take a look to see what part of that automatic pilot has served you well and what part has not.

There is a world of difference between Day One and One Day. This book could be the Day One in you’re your new journey, if so you choose.


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